Cyclodextrin-Shop is a division of AraChem, a fine chemicals company from the Netherlands:

Our teams have acquired a large expertise in the field of cyclodextrin chemistry. We offer high quality products from gram scale for research purpose to multi-kilogram quantities tailored to the special needs of the pharmaceuticals and the specialty fine chemicals industries.

We can supply a large variety of cyclodextrin derivatives from shelf or as custom synthesis products. You are invited to browse our catalog to review the products offered.

# # # 6-Monoamino-6-monodeoxy-methyl-β-Cyclodextrin # # # a new cyclodextrin derivative with inclusion properties of the known Methyl-β-Cyclodextrin (RAMEB) and bearing an amino-group for easy grafting on a support is now available from Cyclodextrin-Shop. Pease inquire at

Deal of the month: valid till 30 November 2018